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    Full Name: =VEA=Armageddon
    Team: Vi et Armis
    Vi et Armis²
    Nickname: Grant

    Faiirly new to Insurgency, learning quickly. Vast experience with FPS games, I have played competitive in the COD and BF series. We were a strong team at TWL always in the top ten, and have held the number one spot in ladder. Most of the team I have in mind is new to competitive play. Once we join I'll know just how good we are and what we need to do to improve. 

    I am a member of the Vi et Armis clan and team leader, our tags are =VEA=. Vi et Armis is latin meaning "By Force  and Arms". Our clan is small but strong in skill, we are a tight-knit group that plays well together. We are looking to re-enter the competitive world and thought Insurgecy was the best title for us.


    Our web address is www.veagaming.com  Our teamspeak info is veagaming.com. Poke a member to be granted talking power in case we don't see you enter. I can be reached through steam as well. My profile name is =VEA=Armageddon.