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We will be hosting an EXPERIMENTAL tournament for the Evolve Beta on Jan 18th at 1200 EST for the PC. Please discuss what you would like to see in terms of formatting in this thread -> CLICK ME! Registration is currently open so please sign up now!

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Video games, PC parts, and a bag of chips! We will be giving away all of this throughout the next few months on our Twitch every week starting December 1st!

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Write on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 Published in Evolve

Here is where I shall unveil all of which I know about Turtle Rock Studios upcoming amazing title, Evolve. The developers of Evolve are also the creators of Left for Dead. Everything I know is from watching the streams, devs, and playing at various events. I will post advanced tactics towards the bottom, if you already know the game well, move onto the “ADVANCED GAMEPLAY” section. This section will be a basic overview, if you see something that should be there that is not please let me know in the comments and I will change it for all to see (credits to you!). Everything you are about to read might not even be correct anymore because the developers spend countless hours trying to perfect the game and make it fair.

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Insurgency, in a nutshell, is a semi-realistic shooter that focuses on mostly close and mid-range combat.

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