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It's ABOUT.... TO GO.... DOWN


Hey everybody! Season 3 is going down April 14th!!!

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Season 2 is coming to a close! It was a very fun season, with lots of new teams coming out to play! I'd like to thank everyone for participating and bearing with us as we have been going through all these different changes. But anyways, enough of the mushy gushies, we have a tournament to do!


As some of you know, there is a system of promotion and relegation this season. I know the first article confused people how it will work, so I've put together some visual aides to help out. As most of you know, the tournament action at the end of this season will help determine where a lot of teams end up in season 3! I would also like to announce that we are expanding the divisions to 6 teams. This will change the rules a tiny bit as we have an extra team slot in every division that needs filled. 

Let's start off with Divisions 1 and 2. NEXT SEASON(S): The top 4 teams in Division 1 will go directly to a championship tournament to show who the best team truly is! Due to issues with scheduling and preparation, as well as a lack of streaming of our Div 2 and 3 teams, we will be holding back the Div 1 tournament for this season. The 5th placed Div 1 team will be relegated to the next lowest division (Div 2). The top 2 placed teams in Div 2 will be promoted to Div 1 for Season 3.


How it will work...

The 5th placed Div 2 team will be relegated to Div 1. The 4th place Div 2 team will be thrown into a placement tournament with the leaders of Div 3. These Div 3 teams consist of the winners of 3A and 3B, as well as the next highest ranked Div 3 team from either subdivision. 


I am really excited to see these teams go at it for their spots in Div 2 for Season 3! 



We are looking to start this tournament on Tuesday, March 31st. The first round of games will begin at 9PM EST. The finals will begin on Thursday, April 2nd and will consist of a best 2 out of 3 for the win (both semifinals and finals) 



District, Ministry, Market, Verticality, Uprising, Heights

A map ban will take place between two teams. The remaining two maps will be played. If there is a 1-1 tie, another map ban will take place with the remaining maps to determine map pool.


New Rule

Starting immediately, steam accounts will no longer be allowed to be private. If you have a serious issue with making your steam account public, you MUST add a DGL admin to your friends list.




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The moment you've all been waiting for! Let's delve into the low-down on the DGL Season 2 of Insurgency!

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Get all the juicy details for the [NA] Insurgency Season 1 Finals here! Be ready for January 10th!!!

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Counter Strike is a fast paced game for players with a quick reaction time. Insurgency has more of that Battlefield game play without the vehicles so we need those CS eyes to pick out the scenery.

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