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It looks like a good amount of people are having trouble understanding on how to do certain things, so I have taken the liberty of creating this Insurgency Season 1 FAQ that includes all of the questions I have been hearing.

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Format Weapons & Attachments
Win Limit 9 (8 round halfs)      
Max Rounds 16      
Round Time 3 Minutes 30 seconds      
Max Roster 12      
Win Limit 4 (3 round halfs)      
Max Rounds 6  

Theater will handle this automatically,

whatever you see in game you can use.

Round Time 3 Minutes 30 seconds      
For regular season play, one OT will
be played. If there is another tie, the
match is officially declared a tie.
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We are extremely proud to announce that Oorah Gaming will be the DGL's very first sponsor! 

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We have a strict practice routine. Every day at 3am we start lifting. We just lift anything in sight. We lift people sometimes. By 6am we practice our crawling. We crawl around the radius of every map twice. Buhriz is really tough and revolt is a nightmare but it builds character...

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