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TOPIC: Game improvement - opinions wanted

Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1158

  • KCIV
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^^ spectating features have been over looked. Great post. 100% agree.
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Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1169

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junkz wrote:
It's easy to say "what he said", but I think everything KCIV has mentioned needs the attention from the Devs. From a gameplay standpoint I have nothing else to add at this point.

One other thing to mention however that GREATLY needs improvement is competitive spectating. It's just god damn awful to watch a caster of this game as the tools are simply not there. You should be able to hot-key players, there should be a better UI for who's alive, who's dead etc (even if it's just a number). There should be in-built tools to show live statistics (a la CS:GO), maybe change the opacity of the Tactical Map as to not intrude in the first-person action. I don't care too much about wireframing the opposing team, so don't try stealing that from CS. (imo).

With what looks to be a slow increase in teams signing up to Insurgency competitively and the more exposure to casting, the more publicity this game is going to get, for free. The Devs always said that their advertising approach was mostly through word of mouth and social media and to have some kind of focus on how a caster orchestrates the game is quite pivotal in terms of how somebody can perceive the game and their decision to buy it and pull in their mates.

EDIT: In regards to competitive matchmaking, I don't need to comment on that as that's already been confirmed as a WIP by the Devs. If any advice is needed around this, just look at working systems from other games/leagues/ladders.

I made a post about spectating features back in June 2013.... it would have been beautiful. I'd link you the post but the insurgency forums have been down for 2 months now.
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Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1213

  • Twogun
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Left handed shooters is something I'm going towards considering that leaning to the right no only goes farther, but much faster. Should being a lefty do the opposite? As far as the whole "only the torso should pivot" part, I only agree with this if they implement increased recoil for shooting while leaning either direction otherwise it's fine as is with the leg going out seeing as shooting a weapon full auto needs you to be braced (your leg that sticks out).
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Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1225

I don't really have anything meaningful to contribute as far as ideas for competitive gameplay goes since I have 0 experience in that area (so far!) but I'll take the opportunity to get a couple ideas out there for the game in general.

I wish the grenades functioned closer to what was in America's Army 2. Pretty much, you can pull a grenade and start aiming it without it starting to cook. You press another key to release the lever and it starts cooking. It would allow you to put a grenade back in your inventory and allow you to aim flashbangs without them going off in your hand. So basically, the procedure for throwing a grenade would be like so...

1. You switch to your grenade by pressing 2.
2. You hold down LMB to start lining it up, the pin is pulled but it's not cooking.
3. Satsified with the shot, you press another key (middlemouse feels natural) and the safety lever is released and it starts cooking in your hand.
4. Release LMB and let it fly.

Maybe there can be an option so players can still use the "Classic" grenade behavior if they wish.

I think player skins for Workshop mods should apply to how you see your own teammates only. It would limit the usefulness of those bright skins that pop up from time to time, and make me feel better about subscribing some skins myself. I'd like to play with the ISIS skin and all that, but if it makes the enemy harder to see, then I'm not interest. But if it only affected how I view myself and my teammates as we are playing Insurgent, that's cool.

The spotting system is abused more than it is used, so it needs to be changed. The idea of letting people place markers on locations with or without an enemy present there is maybe the best & easiest way to address it. Or maybe make it so it only places a marker that your teammates can see (you don't need a marker on your own HUD since you already know where they are, right?)
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Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1236

  • junkz
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SourceTV needs some attention too. I read in recent patch notes that more events were being passed through..But I hadn't noticed any difference.
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Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 8 months ago #1249

  • fthislm
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Crawling near the walls ( when the wall is behind you ) lets you to go back until to neck to the wall like you have no body.. And your legs can be seen from the other side of the wall..So legs are like ghosts to the walls but not to bullets which kills the intense gameplay and gives greate advantage in most camp points..It wouldnt let to crawl until you have at least 1,5 m away from the wall behind you...

This game is pretty realistic , you dont have bullet count but when you reload after 10 shots you should loose all the bullets in the clip..This way people wont shoot too much when it is not necessary at all, they will use bullets more carefull , they wont reload every second possible like they are in call of duty, they wont shoot for no reason and firefights will become much better..more like "aim&shoot to kill" but not more like "shoot to have a kill maybe"..So this way heavy gunners will make the covering fire more which is their main objective..This will deffinetly improve the gameplay and reality of the game..Some people might get angry with this but at least this can be in a new mod maybe called "Real Life" ..1 extra mag in this mod should work fine..

- Lesser fog for further view (especially for scope)..
- Better sound difference in different environment...(it should echo lot more when in mountains and it should sound a lot more when you shoot in the room)
- Better stabbing animation. ( it could be nice to stab someone on the back , litterally stab..Pierce somones back with the knife)
This classic stabbing on the games are allways the same..You just swing the knife to the right and left..It should be a direct move like from your body to theirs.. To shove I guess..

Sorry for my english..I might have choose some wrong words but I hope you guys got the point..
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