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TOPIC: Game improvement - opinions wanted

Game improvement - opinions wanted 3 years 9 months ago #1255

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fthislm wrote:
Crawling near the walls ( when the wall is behind you ) lets you to go back until to neck to the wall like you have no body.. And your legs can be seen from the other side of the wall..So legs are like ghosts to the walls but not to bullets which kills the intense gameplay and gives greate advantage in most camp points..It wouldnt let to crawl until you have at least 1,5 m away from the wall behind you...

This game is pretty realistic , you dont have bullet count but when you reload after 10 shots you should loose all the bullets in the clip..This way people wont shoot too much when it is not necessary at all, they will use bullets more carefull , they wont reload every second possible like they are in call of duty, they wont shoot for no reason and firefights will become much better..more like "aim&shoot to kill" but not more like "shoot to have a kill maybe"..So this way heavy gunners will make the covering fire more which is their main objective..This will deffinetly improve the gameplay and reality of the game..Some people might get angry with this but at least this can be in a new mod maybe called "Real Life" ..1 extra mag in this mod should work fine..

- Lesser fog for further view (especially for scope)..
- Better sound difference in different environment...(it should echo lot more when in mountains and it should sound a lot more when you shoot in the room)
- Better stabbing animation. ( it could be nice to stab someone on the back , litterally stab..Pierce somones back with the knife)
This classic stabbing on the games are allways the same..You just swing the knife to the right and left..It should be a direct move like from your body to theirs.. To shove I guess..

Sorry for my english..I might have choose some wrong words but I hope you guys got the point..

I do think that there could be 2 reloads. one longer than now which keeps ammo and one shorter than now that dumps the mag and ammo in it. But this would only work if you could pick up mags off guns and off the ground. (which I am also ok with)
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