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TOPIC: Why Things Are Banned

Why Things Are Banned 3 years 10 months ago #475

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I am making this post to explain to people why things are banned. I know there are people who disagree about a lot of these things. Let me give you our side of the story. I also would like to note that we are always open to testing out banned items, nothing is set in stone if the community gets on board with something.

C4s/RPGs: This shouldn't need a whole lot of explanation. They are extremely powerful and generally arcadey. We can also point out that most tactical shooters that have rocketry ban them in their competitive play.The main issue here is that you can clear an objective without really needing to clear it tactically. Also let's not forget that the explosion radius goes through walls and ceilings/floors

LMGs: This also doesn't need a whole lot of words. LMGs are very powerful. When someone is proned or mounted with one of these, it is extremely difficult to take out the defender. This could lead to a camp-fest of entrenched machine guns and takes away from skill oriented gunplay and tactics. Even if only one were allowed, that particular lane would be easily defended. It doesn't take a lot of skill to camp a lane and mow attackers down with an LMG.The main issue here is the fact that it's very easy to spray n pray with this gun, you can just prefire every corner without a second thought.

HE Grenade Launcher: This is a noob tube. This is not an item suited for competitive play. Some may say it's inaccurate but it doesn't change the fact that it sends a lethal explosive quickly through the air at it's target.This one is iffy to me, the HE grenade takes a certain distance to arm and the explosion is super small, clearing objectives from a far is a bit easy but I digress.

Chest Carrier and Chest Rig: These allow multiple grenades. Obviously we know frags are pretty damaging in Insurgency. Having the option for a player or multiple players to have two of these would be ridiculous. Also, two molotovs would also not be fair for similar reasons. Also, they would allow one player to flame off two entrances at the same time if wanting to defend an area. I would go as far to say that two flashes is also unfair. Flashes can be devastating in this game. They are rare because nobody chooses to use them. A successful flash could mean a free kill. If someone has multiple flashes, the possibility of two easy kills emerges.I think the big deal here is nade spam... teams spamming 10 nades across the map is not tactical nor that skillful

Heavy Armor: This one is pretty controversial. On one hand people don't like how it takes more shots to kill someone, and protects from more damage in general. The other side says that it would help new players adjust and increase time to kill someone. There are two sides to this. There was a majority vote in favor of against. Like I said, we are open to changes.I think that heavy armor has little effect on TTK if you can aim for the head. I think it boosts skill ceiling. I find playing in pubs without AP is not even that bad

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