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TOPIC: Insurgency vs CSS

Insurgency vs CSS 3 years 5 months ago #4459

  • OorahGaming
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Back in the day when CSS was all that, and Insurgency was in its fledgling stage, INS got many comparisons to CSS. But now these days it seams many INS players play/come from Battlefield more than CSS, even though CSS has way more players online than INS still. Are there still many INS and CSS players out there...? Or would you say majority are BF and INS now...?

Just curious what FPS games people prefer and why?

Personally, I was HL, DODS, CSS briefly, then INS....in the progression of games I played online over the years. I stuck with DODS for so long because I loved league play, and INS had no leagues at the time. CSS leagues were to competitive for me. Now I spend most my time on INS and DODS only. I know, totally different crowd, totally different game strategy, but I play depending on what my mood suits at the time.

Just curious...discussion came up at work today :)
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Insurgency vs CSS 3 years 5 months ago #4468

  • Torix
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I think people are drawn to Insurgency in particular because it was a great balance between realism and gameplay. It isn't so realistic that it's boring. Arma sometimes gets boring because of how realistic it is. Insurgency also has a intense competitive feel to it. Especially in Firefight, there are a lot of situations where you are forced to go balls out and take an objective or an area. But the drawback is you will die in one to two shots, it's great :cheer:
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