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PS4 Evolve Experimental Tournament! Featured

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 Welcome to the Digital Gaming League hosting the

PS4 Evolve League &


Yes, it’s here, what many of you have been waiting for and asking for, a COMPETITIVE EVOLVE EXPERIENCE.


As of the 9th March we,, will be hosting a competitive PS4 Evolve League on a weekly basis. At the end of each month we will host a competitive PS4 single elimination tournament. The league structure we have created is extremely flexible and caters towards any and all teams. Quite simply, once you’ve signed up, registered your team, come the 9th March it's game on!


League Details (Subject to change)

Each team will be issued 6 matches per week, on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. These are not fixed matches, each battle can be played at any given time or on any day but must be played that week. Therefore as Team Leaders, it is your duty to contact the relevant Team Leaders and organise those matches accordingly. Once complete, come back here to the DGL and update each match up accordingly.

The HOME team (Left-sided team showed on the Match Schedule) gets to choose the map and has preference if a deciding game is required.

The AWAY team (Right-sided team showed on the Match Schedule) get to go first as the Monster if they so wish.

- Matches can be played at ANY time on ANY day that week.

- Teams must complete One Match Per Week to be eligible for the end of month tournament.

- Teams will NOT be penalised for being unable to arrange some matches. However, it is fair that you arrange the minimum one game per week to be eligible for the end of month tournament.

Here is how the months of March and April will look.


League Week 1 – 9th-15th March 9 (Game Mode Hunt)
League Week 2 – 16th-22nd March (Game Mode Hunt)
Tournament Week – 23rd-29th March (Game Mode Hunt)


League Week 1 – 30th March – 5th April (Game Mode TBD)
League Week 2 – 6th April – 12th April (Game Mode TBD)
League Week 3 – 13th April – 19th April Game Mode (TBD)
Tournament Week – 20th April – 26th April (Game Mode TBD)

End of Month Tournament

What is a tournament?

A tournament consists of several teams (MIN 8) facing off against each other in a single elimination knockout format aka battles.

Each battle consists of two teams facing off against each other in a best of three/five/seven contest. Each team can only consist of 4 players per round, therefore the team member that will play as the Monster must also play as a Hunter too.


Those teams that enter the monthly tournament will be seeded based on their league standings. Those who place highest in the league will receive a superior ranking seed than those below. Seedings will go from #1 through to #16. #1 being the best overall seed and #16 being the worst.


Tournament Week Process (Subject to change)

Unlike the league process all monthly tournament battles will be played between Thursday - Sunday. It is the Team Leaders duty to contact their opponents to arrange the battle between the hours listed above.

  • Monday - League standings viewed and seedings givenAll Team Leaders will be contacted for the MT.
  • Tuesday - Deadline for Team Leaders to respond to Monthly Tournament request.
  • Wednesday - Tournament Bracket will be up for Teams to view. 
  • Thursday - Tournament BEGINS with best of 16 teams, best of five matches. (If required)
  • Friday – Tournament resumes with the quarterfinal battles, best of five matches.
  • Saturday – Tournament resumes with semifinal battles, best of five matches.
  • Sunday – Tournament resumes with the OVERALL FINAL, best of seven matches.

It is preferred but not obligatory, that each team stream each battle without any incurring any technical issues.

Team Rosters (Subject to change)

Teams must consist of a minimum of four (4) human players up to the maximum of ten (10); one of four (4) hunters in each team will be obligated to act as the Monster when alternating roles during battles. Team members cannot change teams during battles. We STRONGLY suggest you have several members in your team (6-10members), allowing for those of you/us who have real life responsibilities. We also recommend having two groups in one team (2 x 4, maybe an NA team and an EU team?), this means each team can play at different times but still represent the same team. During each battle you can ONLY utilise four members of your team, however, you can change personnel at different stages during the end of month tournament, Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Final Etc...

Before the Battle

  • Team Leaders should add each other on PSN.
  • Team leaders will confirm league settings.
  • Team Leaders will confirm the PSNID for their respective monsters.
  • Screenshots to be taken to confirm league settings. 
  • Screenshots to be taken to confirm the result.

Team Choosing Process

When in the Player lobby and choosing your Class and Monsters please use the following process.

  • Team A (Hunters) chooses both their Support and Trapper
  • Team B (Monster) chooses his/her Monster
  • Team A (Hunters) chooses their last remaining classes, Assault and Medic.
  • Game starts

During the Battle (TO COMBAT STREAM-SNIPING until spectator mode is available)

  • Each team will create a Private Party Chat on PSN.
  • Match 1. Team A (Hunters) will invite Team B’s Monster into their Party Chat. Team B’s Monster will use the in-game chat option but stay in Team A’s Party Chat for the duration of the match.
  • Match 2. Team B (Hunters) will inviteTeam A’s Monster into their Party Chat. Team A’s Monster will use the in-game chat option but stay in Team B’s Party Chat.
  • Match 3/4/5/6/7. Work according to the above process until the battle is over.

After the Battle

  • The victorious Team Leader will post their results here on the DGL website by stating whether they won or not.
  • The losing Team Leader should check the result on the DGL website.
  • Team Leaders ONLY can contact their Moderator if a problem arose.

Reporting Results

1. To report match results, mouse over "Games" select your "Team Name" from the "Team Moderator section (note - you must be a team captain to report results)

2. Go to "Match Day"

3. Make sure the top right drop down menus are correct

4. Report match results (Win = 1, Lose = 0)

5. Click "Match Played" then "save"

6. Done! 


I can't stress this enough! The use of any cheat is illegal. Players caught cheating will be removed from the website immediately. Any battles played with said player will be forfeited or overturned. Cheaters will be removed from the PS4 Evolve Group, banned from entering any further leagues/tournaments. FYI, stream-sniping is considered cheating, if caught you will be banned.


Until further notice, the use of the Wraith monster is banned in all battles/matches.

Server Crash

If the server crashes during a battle, the match should be restarted and replayed.


Whilst we encourage as many of our members to stream, too many people streaming live at the same time per team is not smart. Therefore one person each team should be put forward to stream the Hunter phase and Monster phase per round or per tournament. We recommend you alternate between your team members this responsibility so that it’s fair. (Team Leaders have final say.)

Player Disconnections (currently under review 5/03/15)

If a player disconnects for any reason, the opposing team decides whether or not to continue. They have 30 seconds to decide. If they decide to not continue then that match must be replayed.


We expect nothing but the best. That is, we expect all teams and their members to act correctly and in an ethical manner. Be fair, don't cheat, if you lose take it on the chin, if you win be magnanimous. Help, don't hinder!

Game Abort

If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must file a protest. In order to file a protest contact the moderator and state what happened. Take a screenshot or use recorded footage if possible, to make it easier to back up your claim. No fake results will be tolerated and will be considered cheating!

Team Leaders

Team Leaders, please take the time to sort out your team details, most of the teams have little or no info. If you leave it like this and teams join that aren't from the Facebook group, then they will have NO WAY of contacting you. Please use your heads and think logically. My Team HS Reapers, formally Project Firestorm, can be used as an example. Clear lines of communication between Mods, Team Leaders and Team Members is essential to the smooth running of this league & tournament. Clear and concise information is required. The quicker you get this done the quicker and smoother things will run.

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