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Holiday Giveaway EVERY WEEK till Feb 10th! Featured

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Video games, PC parts, and a bag of chips! We will be giving away all of this throughout the next few months on our Twitch every week starting December 1st!


STARTING THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 1ST - The Digital Gaming League (that's us!) will be giving away multiple copies of Evolve, Insurgency keys, and PC parts (560 TI OC, 19" monitor, AMD 1100t, brand new Corsair Air 540, 16 GB (4x4 GB) G. Skill Ripjawsx DDR3-2133, Multiple 1 TB hard drives, an MSI R9 280x video card, and more!) But wait there's more! We are doing all of this for FREE! I'm especially excited to share with you the joy that is Evolve, set to release February 10th 2015! 

All you have to do is stay tuned on our TWITTER and TWITCH. We plan to do a giveaway every week until Evolve launches. We'll be tentatively giving away these items on Mondays at 10 PM EST on our twitch. We actually are accumulating more prizes and games so we will probably be giving those out as well on our stream! Some weeks we will be able to give away MULTIPLE items! Please pay attention to our twitter as we will be posting details further on. Make sure to stop by REDDIT as well for updates! 

I'd also like to drop a little information here. As some of you may already know, The DGL will be hosting an experimental Evolve Tournament within 30 days of Evolve's release. We already have a forum topic for discussing the competitive play and will be hosting some polls soon to determine the rules of the single elimination tournament. I played 35 hours in 72 hours last Alpha and 26 hours in 72 hours the Alpha before. I've also spent some time at gaming conventions playing Evolve as well. I love the game and I believe in TRS/2K/Evolve. We are, of course, still performing major surgery to our website and there are more things to come to aid us in our E-Sports voyage. Don't miss out!

Thanks so much guys!


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