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LHL Season 6 - Week 3 Highlights Featured

Written by  Mat
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"Houston, we have more amazing LHL highlights" - Tom Hanks

This week, I've decided to include some interesting stats about highlights so far! Leading the league in highlight appearances is Lucic, with 6 through 3 weeks. His team, the San Jose Sharks, also lead the league in appearances with 12, the next closest being the New York Islanders and the Chicago Blackhawks with 6 (Chicago got all 6 of their players appearances this week). Lucic alone has more highlight appearances than Toronto and Boston do combined! Crazy!


5) Slim stretches one to Dyaloreax who goes bar deezy

4) Dyaloreax centres to Tallmidget who backhands the dagger

3) Dyaloreax sauces the puck to Hesse who taps it past the tendy

2) Lucic snipes a bar down shot from an impossible angle

1) Mat slams a no-look one timer from Fuzzywuzzy into the net



3) Proper Cheeze swats a puck into the cross bar

2) Dalfan tips away a nice backhander

1) Dalfan makes it look easy


If you have any further suggestions as to what I should add to these articles, feel free to let me know!

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