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LHL Season 6 - Week 4 Highlights

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Welcome back to the highlights! Lucic and CrabInATree combine for 9 highlight appearances (1 and 2 respectively) which is more than all the other teams in the league! San Jose now has 15 appearances in total, 3 players in the top 10 in scoring, and the top goalie in the league. Atop the standings, the San Jose Sharks are running away with the top seed.


5) Crab slides it back to Kap coming in who rainbows it in

4) 5lim launches a bomb from the neutral zone to score

3) Bojarzin lazers a perfect pass to Quacky who dekes out the goalie

2) Dick Mcbutts threads a pass to Pet the Pizza who scores

1) Crab makes an amazing solo effort to tip it up and swat it in



3) Jarvan tips a point-blank shot over the net

2) Quoof swats a shot away with ease

1) Quoof plays the hero by saving a late-game chance, clinching the game


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