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[HH]Shrike interview with Torix

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We have a strict practice routine. Every day at 3am we start lifting. We just lift anything in sight. We lift people sometimes. By 6am we practice our crawling. We crawl around the radius of every map twice. Buhriz is really tough and revolt is a nightmare but it builds character...

 I caught up with Shrike, team captain of Headhunters Gaming, for an exclusive interview on the workings of HH and a little insight into Shrike as a player. HH has been a very dominant team in the past, so let's see what we found!


Torix - Obviously you are the captain of the HeadHunters Gaming Insurgency team, tell us a little bit about yourself and your gaming/competitive background.


Shrike - My favorite color is red. I played Natural Selection 2 for a few months but found it repetitive. I like Insurgency much more. 


Torix - Alright so now that we know you a little bit better, tell us about your team as a whole.


Shrike -We started with a much different team that I was not the leader of. A guy named Sagederk invited me to Headhunters. I was the only original member of our team, Kiba being the 2nd oldest. We went through a lot of lineups. Probably over a dozen people have been are starting 5, but right now we have what I think is a perfect group of players. Me, Kiba, Deity, Tturtle, and Lawdog are our 5, and it probably won't change for a long time. 


Torix - The general consensus about HH, is that you guys play pretty slow and passive. What is your own analysis of your team and how does it compare to others?


Shrike -We do tend to play more defensive i suppose, but only because of the nature of this game. A person laying down always has an advantage over a person sprinting, but we don't just sit in corners. We try to adapt and trick the enemy as well. I'd say we almost mastered our ability to maneuver around a map in full synergy. Efficient communication is key to effective productivity in a business environment. Oh and WE'RE THE BEST TEAM IN THE GAME DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME. 


Torix - Let's delve into the nitty gritty here. Out of all the competitive Insurgency teams out there, which one do you think is the best? Or at least the biggest threat to the powerhouse that is HH?


Shrike -5K is our only threat and priority in this league. Most other teams have been a little bit less than active. I'm not too sure about the current skill of any other teams, but since TWL went down most of the teams have dropped in skill. I hope that didn't affect the comp scene too much.


Torix - What is HH's map? Every team has to have a favorite map!


Shrike - I'd say it's a tie between District and Market. 


Torix - Why District and Market?


Shrike - They're both immersive and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention it makes us feel good about ourselves. It helps us sleep at night. It makes us feel like we're actually there killing Muslims and Americans. Not to mention they're transcendental.


Torix - Shrike, you definitely are one of the better players in competitive Insurgency. What guns are your favorite to slaughter with on both sides?


Shrike - Depends on the map and the position I play. I can use any gun effectively in any situation, but I do sometimes like to slaughter with the sks or m16. 


Torix - Tell me, do you think HH and its captain are ready for the DGL Season 1 of Insurgency to start? Things look like they are going to get exciting.


Shrike - Yes.


Torix - As some people may already know, you all did some very fine work in the TWL ladder, how do you and your squad prepare? What is the key to success?


Shrike - We have a strict practice routine. Every day at 3am we start lifting. We just lift anything in sight. We lift people sometimes. By 6am we practice our crawling. We crawl around the radius of every map twice. Buhriz is really tough and revolt is a nightmare but it builds character. By 7:30am we ingest our daily does of mental steroids. These are key amino acids and vitamins that boost our brain capacity by 400%. They help us shoot the accurate better. I can shoot the accurate across the map while eating eggs with mental steroid. We eat a strict diet of raw eggs and steel, but occasionally after a victory I'll allow a potato or maybe some cheese. By 9am we try to find a scrim, but are always unsuccessful. If there is no scrim we just power yell at each other on ts. We just don't stop yelling for about an hour. By 10am we are at our peak efficiency of our abilities for that day, and we hone them by pubbing for 5 minutes. We usually go about 40:0 in that time period. Record is 68:0. We also don't play for more than 5 minutes because pubs are such bad practice and because it makes new players an hero. Then the people that have to go to work do so and we break until 3pm, where we continue our lifting of people. By 4pm our muscles are toned and beautiful. At this time we all go into a map and prone while looking down a lane that we normally play. We do this for 3 hours and count the amount of dust particles, tumbleweeds, cockroaches and any other in game ambient particle. If we lose count of any one of these we restart, but that never happens because we're competent. By now it is 7pm. 7pm is our daily power meditation. This is classified and I can't go into detail because in the wrong hands it could destroy the earth. Now it is 8pm and we try to find a scrim. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. If not there is usually enough people for a pug. In either of these matches we purposefully use 20% of our 400% brain capacity to avoid making the other team kill themselves. In matches though there is no mercy. By around 12am the scrims are over and we do a rigorous training of fighting each other at maximum capacity. Usually 2v2 with 1 person taking a break. Here is where the game really happens. It is probably incomprehensible to any mortal. By 3am our day is finished and we start again.

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