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1v1 Me: 2Buff's Goose Featured

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1v1 Me: 2Buff's Goose L-Gan-zo

 Maybe a really buff slug is what I was missing....

Today we talked with a man known by many names. Today he's Goose; GM of LHL's Brooklyn Americans and 2Buffa2Slug, who made it to the HQML finals last year before losing to 3 Pronger. This year they're back and better than ever, and they've added extra letters to their names to prove it.


Dick Van Deke: Do you think 2Buff will win the cup this year?

Gooser: Yea, we will probably win every game 20-0


Dick Van Deke: How did you find out about hockey?

L-Gan-zo: My old gaming friends were having a 2v2 tournament in a game I had never heard of called hockey? so after a while i finally asked what's cool about this game, and boom.


Dick Van Deke:  What has been your favorite team to play on?

 ...It's taking you way to long to type out Texas, its 5 letters.


gray: Hmmmm, either 2buff2lose season 1 with my old gaming bros, or kill squad and team texas at a close [first]



Dick Van Deke: Is it true that you're the only person who actually plays hockey, and have hundreds of accounts to make it seem like you're not alone?

70 ping Lidstrom: I will admit one thing, it is pretty hard to play on 8 computers at the same time. I'm not saying I do that every league game... I'm just saying its hard.


Dick Van Deke: If Dick McButts and Kuklerrr had a duel who would win (assuming McButts was the challenger so kuklerr chooses the weapons)?

snice one: I have beaten kuklerrr 1v1 no scopes only, baba was there. DmB likes to play dirty since he is from the dirty south. DmB wins ez while he reps the Texas flag on his back


Dick Van Deke: Do you play other games besides hockey?

notgoose: I play a few other games, but I dont play anything as much as hockey?... and I'm still pretty bad a year and a half later


Dick Van Deke: What teams do you think will get promoted to DI next season. What teams do you think will get relegated to DII?

90053: I think Knights of Girouxsalem will go up and 3 pronger will fall


Dick Van Deke: Stephen F. Austin or Sam Houston: Who's your starting goalie?

noname: Sam mother truking Houston


Dick Van Deke: If you made an all star team with players from each league who would be on it?

g-money: Goose: Starting C, DvD: Starting RW, DmB: Starting LW, and DrGherms: Starting LD...  No Goalie.


Dick Van Deke: What about Sam Houston :(

luis mendoza: NO GOALIE...  but he is on the bench


Dick Van Deke: What's your opinion of version .62?

gooseface killa: It could use a little work so that if feels more natural, but it was way better than any of the other "newer" versions


Dick Van Deke: Do you like 4v4 or 5v5 better?

goose: 5v5, lot of people hate it, but I like playing defense so it's easier to stop people when I have 4 other teammates to bail me out when i make a mistake


Dick Van Deke: Why isn't your logo a goose with a sombrero anymore? Do you feel this will hurt your chances of making it to the finals this season?

 Alaniz: Well the way i see it, my logo for season one was a goose with a sombrero and we only made it to the first round of the playoffs. Maybe a really buff slug is what I was missing.

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