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Insurgency - EU Season 3! Featured

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Season 3 is almost upon us!


The date for Season 3 will soon be confirmed... please read on for a full update!

Hello everybody!

Firstly, apologies for the time it is taking to transition from season 2 - 3. There has been some changes, first of which is our theatre! We are going to use the tried & tested theatre that our NA counterparts have already been using. It allows for a much wider variety of load-outs, you must make a choice rather than everyone choosing the same thing! Links will be given in an update of this article by tomorrow (16/04/2015). In the meantime if you would like to organise a scrim, I have 3 servers located in Amsterdam that teams are welcome to use, just message me on steam.

A message to current & possible new teams...

We have lost a number of teams during & after season 2, which is a great shame but we want to keep growing, not fall down & move backwards. So please get the word out! The current team list is below. If you do not see your team here, please register by navigating to the new season page or clicking this link: EU Season 3 Registration - You must be a team captain of your team on the site for this to work.

Current team list:

Bridge Sniper Team,
Dogs Clan,
Furious Gaming,
Gamers Without Borders,
New Value,
Rubber Bandits,
W.T.F.Nation - EsKr
W.T.F.Nation - Ignition 5

Next up... 


We want to ensure all teams are constantly pushing themselves, learning new things & adapting to change. There will be some obvious choices in the new map pool such as; Ministry, Market, District & Heights. The remaining will be chosen based on division size (when we have a full roster of teams) & some more speculative discussion on the forums. If you can all get involved, I would be very grateful: Season 3 Map Pool Discussion.

I know you are all itching to get the next season underway but we need to make sure it is going to be exciting & enjoyable. Right now we're down on teams and would be either 2 divisions of 5/6 teams or just 1 large division of 10-12. I don't think either will be that enjoyable right now. Once again, we want to keep growing & bring more to the table. I have heard a lot of people say they would love to have a larger pool of teams to scrim against, & thus play against, competitively!

Thank you!

All of you, thanks! The patience has been greatly appreciated, we lost 3 admins during last season but we will endeavour to keep you all updated as much as possible. I know a lot of you have personally messaged me on Steam, if so then get the message to everybody & also spread the word about the DGL, even players that are new to competitive Insurgency - we are thinking of hosting an EU based Newbloods tournament, so this will be very fitting for them! Let's get a big base going again, we had 18 teams last season. I know some dropped out but that was a great starting point! Keep it up and be active in the forums, keep expressing your thoughts & ideas. Reply to threads & create new ones. We want this league to be enjoyable & for the people!

See you soon for Season 3, my ever-lasting, forever-growing, European ARMY!!
Forrester out.
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  • Nail Tuesday, 28 April 2015 05:17 posted by Nail

    Any news about the starting date yet?

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