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EU Newbloods Tournament Featured

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Europeans, have you always wanted to try out competitive Insurgency? Now is your chance!


Please pay close attention to the DGL Newbloods steam group HERE as we will keep it updated regularly with info that is pertinent to this event!


The DGL is now opening registration for our first European Newbloods Tournament beginning May 9th (Saturday) starting at 1200 GMT. The tournament will be 5v5 firefight (first to 9, 8 round halves), DGL Season 3 Theater, double elimination, take place over several days. YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR TEAM ON to be entered into the tournament - contact me for help (click me)! No previous DGL teams will be allowed to compete in the newbloods tournament to insure as equal as possible of a playing field!


Finals will be Best of 3 with a map ban system. Players that are not on teams or teams that are brand new can come join for a quick weekend tournament. We are planning to have the tournament over several days starting on May 9th, Saturday, starting at 1200 GMT 3 games will be played. The following day, Sunday, 3 more games will be played. ALL REGIONS ARE WELCOME but only EU servers will be used! 


Player's sign up here with the pertinent information –

You look here for other players like you OR for free agents – CLICK ME

Once you have formed a team please sign the team up following THIS GUIDE and paste all steam URL's of your team members into your team profile!


You can form a team by yourself, with others, or join one. You can also wait to have the admins put you on a team. Once you have a team formed, go register your team for the Insurgency Newbloods Tournament! Be sure to include the steam URL’s of your team members in your team info so other teams can contact you. Please be reminded that the DGL has a zero tolerance VAC ban policy, we want to keep it safe and fun! I suggest you guys try and get in contact with other people on the list and form teams together, if you need help let me know :)

We will provide you with the Season 3 Theater file and instructions on how to use it if you own a server. The DGL servers, sponsored by, will be available to anyone at any time unless there is a match needing to be played.


As part of this introduction to competitive Insurgency, the DGL would like to provide your team with a mentor from another seasoned team. This is fully optional and up to your team, contact me (v.Link)  if you would like to receive help from a mentor. For those people who are seasoned DGL competitors, please let me know if you’d like to help out these teams.


We are also looking for help shoutcasting this tournament. If you can stream and have been thinking of trying shoutcasting, now is your chance!


Let me know if you have any questions!

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