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NA Insurgency Season 3 POST SEASON Details [UPDATE] Featured

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Time for the big kids' party, who's in?!?



The Deetz


Alright so as you all know, we have a system of promotion and relegation in place. Here is a refresher course of how it's going to go:


  • The 1st placed team (color coded gold) in each division will be promoted to the next highest division automatically.
  • The 6th placed team (color coded red) in each division will be relegated (moved down) to the next lowest division automatically


Now for the placement matches:


UPDATE: Placement matches have been cancelled for this season - Due to teams that were in key places for the placement matches disbanding, there are no match-ups to do these promotion matches. All teams that were awaiting their placement matches (ie 2nd placers) will be moved up/promoted divisions accordingly.


Division 1 Championship - The top 4 teams in Division 1 will play together in a single elimination, championship tournament. The semifinals will be decided via one map, District. The final round will be best 2 out of 3 via map ban.


The Dates


Placement Matches: Placement matches will begin Tuesday, May 26th These will be scheduled with you're opponent as normal.  Admins and moderators will be monitoring these, and we will also try to cover all we can via Twitch.


Division 1 Tournament: Date TBA

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