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Insurgency World Cup Tournaments (Sept 12th/13th)!!! [UPDATE] Featured

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Hello everyone we have some exciting news to announce to you if you haven't already heard through the grape vine! We would like to thank our sponsors at for their continuous support!


Insurgency World Cup Tournament -September



Sign ups are now open for the World Cup tournament on the website!

On September 12th/13th, we will be having a world cup for Insurgency. The world cup will have a group stage on Saturday (Sept 12th) and single elimination knockout tournament Sunday (Sept 13th). Remember this is a world cup meaning that EU vs NA games will need to occur on NY servers unless agreed upon elsewhere. Each team is recommended at least 2 subs because life happens!

Round 1 - September 12th @ 12 PM EST

Round 2 - September 12th @ 1 PM EST

Round 3 - September 12th @ 2 PM EST

Round 4 - September 12th @ 3 PM EST

Round 5 - September 13th @ 12 PM EST

Round 6 - September 13th @ 1 PM EST

Round 7 - September 13th @ 2 PM EST

Round 8 - September 13th @ 3 PM EST (if needed)

Tournament Finals - Bo3 w/ Map Banning, higher seed gets first and third match server location choice (EU or NY, CHI - if both teams NA)

Rosters for this event will lock on Monday September 7th! There will be no exceptions made, you have 3+ weeks to find enough subs! Rosters can have a total of 11 players on their roster.


I would like to take a moment to honor our awesome sponsors! Oorah Gaming! Check them out at http://oorahgaming.comThey've helped us out a lot in all of our events and will be doing so again for this World Cup!


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The maps the matches will be played on will be determined via map ban with both competing teams. Each team will take turns banning a map until one remains. This remaining map will be the played map. The team that bans first is determined by seed. The team with the higher seed will ban first. The map pool is listed below. These maps were chosen because as you may noticed, these are ALL the maps the DGL has ever used, with the exception of Uprising and Gizab. 



  1. Ministry
  2. Market
  3. District
  4. Heights
  5. Siege
  6. Station
  7. Verticality


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  • NoDoze Sunday, 13 September 2015 19:15 posted by NoDoze

    Are you guys going to be posting the results!?! Or any streams so we could re-watch some of the matches?

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