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Insurgency NA Season 7 Playoffs - Bo3 - June 7th - Sponsored by OorahGaming [UPDATE] Featured

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June 7th - Season 7 Playoffs - Best of 3 - Map Banning!


We would like to thank OorahGaming for their continuous support over one and a half years. Their support allows for all of this to happen. Check them out!


After the regular season 7 is done we will have a 3 week resting period before starting the Season 7 Playoffs on June 7th! Season playoffs will take place of the placement tournament! Each match will be a Best of 3 with map banning. The top 2 teams in Division 2 will play with the 6  teams in Division 1 affording an 8 team tournament. The remaining teams in Division 2 and 3 will be put into their respective 8-team tournaments accordingly.

Rules subject to change prior to playoffs starting.




  • June 7th - June 13th - Best of 3, Map Ban
  • June 14th - June 20thBest of 3, Map Ban
  • June 21st - June 27th - Best of 3, Map Ban

 Map banning will go

Ban Ban Pick Pick Ban Ban Pick 

Ministry Market District Heights Siege Embassy Station




Link & Torix


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