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Beta Ranking/Elo System Released for Insurgency! Featured

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Big news! We have just launched our Alpha test for our Ranking/Elo System for Insurgency!

What is it?

It's a ranking system for private 5v5 pick up games (PUGs) that take place on DGL servers. It tracks your stats in PUGs and calculates an Elo rating for you. A pick up game is an organized 5v5 that takes place on a private server with a custom DGL theater.

How does it work?

 What to expect?

This is an alpha release. Therefore it is a work in progress and nothing is finished! We wanted to release our stats system in the current Insurgency to prepare for Sandstorm. The styling is definitely going to improve on the DGL Stats website so don't worry haha. We appreciate constructive feedback. We have a lot planned for Sandstorm, stay tuned :)

Be sure to submit your constructive feedback on Discord! This is definitely a work in progress!


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