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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Digital Gaming league! We aim to support Indie game communities with future sights on some larger titles. 

We want to make this site as perfect as humanly possible and have the ambition to do so. We are kicking this site off first and foremost with Insurgency and Hockey?. The majority of us are based in North America but we welcome other regions of the Earth to come compete here as well! The creators of this website come from many different teams of Insurgency and a long list of previous games. Aforementioned, we are, currently, primarily focusing on supporting PC Indie communities that do not have a platform to perform competitive play on. If you know of any Indie game that is looking for competitive play please let us know so we can be put in contact with them. We will, however, do our best to not stretch beyond our means (can’t build a mountain without the molehill).


Please enjoy your stay, we hope you find what you are looking for! 


 P.S. We are completely non-profit right now and pay out of pocket for our website plug-ins, hosting, prizes, etc. so if you'd like to donate to keep us afloat that'd be awesome!




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  • =7Cav=1LT.Snom.J Sunday, 15 March 2015 18:04 posted by =7Cav=1LT.Snom.J


    As our manager left the clan Im trying to sort out the DGL team, I dont get anything and need help to get people on the roster etc. Please help as Im lost;)

    I can be reached on steam as well =7Cav=1LT.Snom.J is my name there.


  • Sentry_The_Defiant Monday, 24 November 2014 18:31 posted by Sentry_The_Defiant

    hey! is there a way for you to delete the [dR] team 2? we had some issues with some players and ended up with just one team. team two has no players in it and no matches schedueled so i hope it wont be a problem

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