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PUG Draft - October 14th Featured

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It's that time again. Join us October 14th for another exciting installment of Drafty goodness...


A pug is a pick up game!


We are hoping to get 50-100 people. Last time we had 50 people show up! Things went very smoothly and this time I can only imagine they will go better!


We've been putting in a lot of work over the last two weeks and are hoping to give you a special treat next Tuesday! My whole weekend will be spent inside Starbucks™! Once again if you need a teamspeak for creating a team we will provide you with free limited admin as well as channels for you. <3


How it works:


People connect to teamspeak and all join a general channel.

Captains are chosen.

Each captain gets 2 picks (picks are snaked, first to last then last to first, to ensure fair picking)

The next 2 picks are assigned at random

Teams join the assigned server, an admin asks if everyone is ready, once all ready, games restarted and people play game, winners go on losers hug it out

Teamspeak info:


I will personally be making sure teams are not stacked to ensure proper sportsmanship, competitive players will be split up fairly. Rules are:


5v5 Firefight

No C4, RPG's, Heavy Armor, Chest Carrier, LMG's

First to 7 wins, sides are swapped at 6 total rounds.

Why are we doing this?


It's an easy and nice way for people to get exposed to a different side of insurgency that they normally would not be exposed to, the competitive side.



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