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Oorah Gaming Sponsorship Featured

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We are extremely proud to announce that Oorah Gaming will be the DGL's very first sponsor! 

Oorah Gaming, an established game and voice server provider, will be sponsoring the Digital Gaming League with several Insurgency servers. This addition to our virtual arsenal will be invaluable in hosting events such as PUG nights, rules/format experiments and even competitive events! These servers will also provide a place for teams to play when some teams are lacking their own game servers. The DGL has your back! 

I am also glad to tell you that one of these servers will be in fact public! This server for now will be on a firefight rotation, though I plan to maybe add a mode or two to shake things up and add variety for players. This server will be up as close to 24/7 as possible with the exception that it is needed in an event. The server information for our public server is below:

This server has 16 slots as well! Copy and paste this information, and then in your console, type "connect" and hit enter! We hope to see you all as patrons, slaughtering each other map by map.

Oorah Gaming has been very generous in all of this, and I am sure this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Oorah Gaming is now providing Insurgency servers at an astonishing $0.40/ slot! Yes... forty cents. Check it out!

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  • M1LEY Tuesday, 21 October 2014 12:18 posted by M1LEY

    very cool!!!

  • Joe dirt Tuesday, 21 October 2014 08:59 posted by Joe dirt

    Nice! Looks like the league is shaping up well.

  • OMGWTFBBQ Monday, 20 October 2014 16:06 posted by OMGWTFBBQ

    This is great news, Torix. Kudos to you and our new sponsor!

  • Manuel Monday, 20 October 2014 06:53 posted by Manuel

    NICE !!!

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