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Insurgency Rules & Regulations

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Format Weapons & Attachments
Win Limit 9 (8 round halfs)      
Max Rounds 16      
Round Time 3 Minutes 30 seconds      
Max Roster 12      
Win Limit 4 (3 round halfs)      
Max Rounds 6  

Theater will handle this automatically,

whatever you see in game you can use.

Round Time 3 Minutes 30 seconds      
For regular season play, one OT will
be played. If there is another tie, the
match is officially declared a tie.

Server Configuration

Here are the server configs if you need them! 

Place them in your Insurgency2/Insurgency/cfg folder and you are good to go!

 In the event of an update consider all new content banned unless otherwise stated.

Game Mode: Firefight

5 eligible players vs. 5 eligible players

Team Weapon Details:

Only 1 sniper rifle and 2 submachine guns are allowed per team. The DGL theater file should handle these restrictions automatically.



For a team to be considered eligible for competitive play, certain conditions must be met:

  • A team must have at least 5 eligible players on its roster to participate in competitive play
  • All players must have their Steam page URL on their player profile and/or linked on their team roster page. Check out this example
  • Your team will not be put on the match schedule if these conditions are not met
  • IMPORTANT: All teams MUST take a screenshot of the end result of their match. If a game goes into OT, a screenshot must be taken of the end of regulation AND the end of overtime. Also, ALL players MUST record demos of their matches. This is required. You do not have to submit them to us, but they must be on hand in case of disputes.
  • Steam accounts are no longer allowed to be private. If you have a serious issue with making your steam account public, you MUST add a DGL admin to your friends list.


Roster Changes/Additions

  • A player who joins a team mid season (during regular season) MUST wait one week on the team roster before he/she can play
  • A player who leaves a team mid season and joins another MUST wait TWO weeks on the team roster before he/she can play (This means two matches)
  • If a team disbands during the season, the remaining players may join other teams, but are subject to the 2 week waiting period
  • Team swaps and Roster changes need to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is only temporary, as in the future this will be done automatically by the new website in a public manor.
  • Players are allowed to be registered to 1 team per region within DGL. A team can only have 2 players originating from teams in other regions. A player from a different region cannot play in a match or division versus a teammate from their other-region-team.


Ringers, Substitutions, and Alternate Teams.

If a team is met with the situation of having less than 5 eligible players from their roster available to play in a given match, there are options. First, a team must have at least 4 eligible players on THEIR roster in game to play. A team may call upon a ringer, or substitution to play. This ringer MUST be a REGISTERED and eligible DGL player. The opposing team MUST approve the use of the ringer as well. A team also has the option of playing with 4 if they so choose to play with a man down. Bear in mind the "ringer" must have been a REGISTERED DGL player for at least 1 week prior to the start of that match week (i.e. if the matchweek is week 3, which starts Nov 18, they must be have been registered by Nov 11.

Some bigger clans may field two teams. These two teams will be treated as SEPARATE teams. Players from one of these teams may not freely sub for the other, they will be considered as ringers and must be approved by the opposing team. Two different teams, two different rosters.



Matches are set to Tuesdays at 10PM EST. Match times can be changed based on communication and agreement between both team captains. Matches may be played between Tuesday of that week and the following Monday at 10PM EST.

Match Communications:

Teams must communicate with one another to schedule a time to play matches that best fits both teams. These MUST be done in the match details comment section. These are the only official correspondence between teams. You can find these by going to the matches tab on your team page and clicking details.


The Match

This section is for some extra rules that will apply during the match.

Pause Time: Each team may pause the match for the equivalent of one total round. For example, if the round time is 4 minutes per round, a team has 4 minutes of pause time.

Home team chooses server, Away team chooses side to start on for the pistol round.

The pistol round will be played at the beginning of a match to decide starting sides for a match. This consists of just pistols, not explosives or other guns will be allowed.

After a match has been played, mousing over this same area will show extra details added by team captains. Anyone can comment on your match.

RECORD YOUR DEMOS. Failure to do so can result in punishment.

There will be NO killing in console with the "kill" command. This can be used as abuse to gain extra munitions. Any offenses of this will result in the forfeit of that round.

Matches being played on a wrong version is both teams responsibility to figure out if they have the proper config/theater. If teams can't find an admin online, they can can postpone or agree to play at a later date.  In the event that you cannot postpone nor an admin is online, if both team captains agree It is allowed to play on a server with the wrong theater




Score Reporting/Post Match Procedures

Team captains are responsible for reporting their team's score in a match. For example, Team A scores 9, Team B scores 5, A would report 9 and B would report 5. You must also upload a screenshot of the final score to your match page.

To report scores after a match is played, go to Games>Insurgency>Seasons Then look for the Team Management pane to the right. Under Team Moderator, click your team. Look for the Matchday link above the team tab and click it. Select "Match Details" and you may now report your team's score and upload screenshots.

OT: In the case of an overtime, you will not record every round you won or lost. Victory in over time is worth an additional point. So for example, a team ties 8-8 in regulation. They play in overtime and a team wins 4-2, setting the total round score to 12-10. The team would report their score as 9-8, adding one round to their regulation score for winning in overtime.


Forfeits and No-shows

If you are involved in a situation where your team is eligible and shows up to play on the scheduled date and the opposing team fails to do so, then this would be considered a forfeit or a no-show. In the event of this occurrence, simply report your situation to the match disputes section of the Insurgency forums. Please try and be descriptive of your issue.

Teams on the non-fault side of the forfeit will be awarded a win, and a differential will be edited accordingly to win-limit - 0. For example, if there is a win limit of 9, the non-fault side will win 9-0. Teams at fault in a forfeit will be awarded a loss. It is worth mentioning forfeit wins will not be as prestigious as played wins. This will be taken into account in seeding and selection for post season play.

A situation is declared a forfeit in the event of a team

  1. Not showing up to play on the scheduled date. THIS EXCLUDES THE DEFAULT DATE.
  2. Not being available for any times to play during the 6 day match period.
  3. For other reasons such as ineligibility and misconduct.


Sportsmanship and Etiquette

Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes taunting, insulting, flaming, or any negative comments over voice and text chat. Team Captains are the only ones allowed to communicate with the opposing team during an official DGL match. If you and your team are the victim of unsportsmanlike conduct, please report it to our Insurgency Match Disputes thread and include any evidence you may have gathered (screenshots, voice clips, etc). Failure to heed this rule may result in point deductions, forfeit of victory, and/or team suspension depending on severity.



The DGL has a zero tolerance hacking policy. If caught hacking, you will be banned from competitive play indefinitely. This includes glitch abuse as well.


Anything similar to hotkeys, macros, automated programs, scripts, and/or other systems for executing the equivalent of multiple keystrokes/inputs with a single keystroke is banned in DGL events including matches and contests. (This includes console inputs. Chat macros are the only exception.)  Any hotkey, macro, script, keybind, and/or automated program that artificially alters the fire rate (such as a fire macro that turns the m16 into an automatic rifle), causes aiming down sights to a predetermined degree, or causes other unnatural actions, are against our rules. Field of View Changing Macros are banned. Scroll wheel firing or macros used to fire a weapon are banned. One keystroke per “trigger pull”.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment, and will most likely result in rescinded wins for your team.


VAC Ban Policy:

The DGL has a very strict VAC ban policy. No VAC banned players will be allowed to participate in the DGL. Anyone who receives a new VAC ban to their account for any reason, on any game, will be barred from competition permanently. Any team that has used such a player during the league season will have their wins vacated and be suspended from play immediately, and will need to apply to a mutually agreed neutral arbiter for reinstatement, the following season. The player in question will be barred permanently from DGL competition until or unless the VAC ban is vacated. We understand that VAC bans 5 or 10 years ago may not represent who you currently are however we do not accept appeals. This policy includes "alternate accounts."



Demo Recording

All players are required to use the demo recording feature of the Source engine. The demos will not need to be submitted after play, but may be requested at any time by DGL staff.

To make a recording:

Type in console (`)
record matchWeek_mapName_playerName
end of match, type "stop" in console


Failure to record demo will result in punishment. If requested, and no demo was recorded, you will forfeit the match for your team. If a partial demo is recorded, every round not recorded will be forfeited. 


If you have any more questions feel free to post in our forum! We will be diligently monitoring them to make sure all questions are answered.

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  • Bromeo Friday, 20 February 2015 12:49 posted by Bromeo

    What is the DGL's stance on players using glitched spot's for game play advantage atm?

  • Dempsey Thursday, 19 February 2015 13:50 posted by Dempsey

    "Fire with your mouse."

    Scroll is part of the mouse? What's with the logic these days.

  • Dempsey Thursday, 19 February 2015 13:48 posted by Dempsey

    "Scroll wheel macros used to fire a weapon are also banned. Fire with your mouse."

    No offense, but what the hell is wrong with you, The keys a person uses to fire his gun should not be controlled by you. If somebody wants to use scroll to fire their gun let them, It doesn't bother me one bit and I don't understand why it bothers you.

  • MacMillan141 Monday, 12 January 2015 08:57 posted by MacMillan141

    I have VAC ban 1066 day. I can not participate in the tournament?

  • John Monday, 03 November 2014 13:55 posted by John

    Regarding Demos, I was able to record and all that using "record 'filename'" and stopping it using "stop".

    But the only thing that worked for me to actually open the .DEM file, is "demoui" and then a window will pop up and you can load the .DEM file and watch it.

    Any other "demostart" variant commands just rendered errors of the .DEM file being unreadable.

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