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Analysis Of Night Vision Goggles And Flares Featured

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Night vision goggles and flares are such a cool addition to the game and have been something that I've been really looking forward to using upon the latest update. Some people change their game settings so that they can see through the dark more easily without them, but let's be honest, that's almost as pathetic as buying modded rapid fire controllers. So with that aside, let's get into an analysis of them.



Security's NVG's color is greener than the Insurgent's


My first recommendation to anyone using them is the question of whether or not they feel that it is really needed while playing on a particular map. Take Ministry Night for example. Most of the map is lit indoors and outdoors the dark is easier to see through than Verticality Night. The reason for this is areas like the street aren't as well enclosed as Ministry's underground garage or in the hallway near the streets hole which makes for darker corners and less ambient light to get in. So it really depends on what parts of maps you are going to particularly be in most of the time. It's hard to find a good balance since supply points get eaten up quickly so experiment and stick with the combination that best suits you. It's really the darkest parts of maps where they are the most useful which is why many players don't use them since there aren't many. If you're runnin' and gunnin' then you are better off without them as it is most rewarding to use when playing defensively in darkness.

A very important thing that shouldn't take long to grasp is knowing when and when not to switch it on or off. This is such a big factor because when you turn it on, highlights get blown out and spewed everywhere so you have to wait a couple of seconds for it to settle. When you turn it off, things get dark for a short period of time. Think of it like if you were to look at the sun for a couple of seconds and then look back down, your eyes have to adjust. I like this because it is realistically accurate and doesn't make night vision googles over powered. If you are about to enter a well lit room with them on, then good luck seeing clearly because everything is super bright. Make sure the coast is clear before switching them off because they will actually work against you in those areas of maps, which brings me to flares... 



Flare guns are fun little things to use and are the night vision goggles number one enemy. Even without night vision they are still frustrating to see around which makes them good for trolling. Whether the extra weight and supply points is worth the annoyance of others is your choice, just don't tell them that i put that idea in your head. For what it's worth, they light up their surrounding area a little but not as much as expected. They can actually slightly damage enemies if you are lucky enough to hit them, but don't attempt to do it with high expectations as the chances of coming across someone with low enough health is unlikely. I am comfortable saying that the flashlight attachment is king over the flare gun mainly due to its unlimited and ease of use.


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    Damn dude. Nice job on the analysis. Is this all Excel or SAS/R/?

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