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[EU] Season 1 - Finals

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Hi there fellow Insurgency players, it’s that time of year again! Time to get out the itchy Christmas jumpers and tinsel, sit around watching Home Alone and listen to some Michael Bublé! On behalf of the whole DGL, we would like to wish all our fellow gamers a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We hope you have a fantastic time over the festive period and enjoy it thoroughly :)

For the latest info regarding the tournament, please head to THIS thread in the forums, thanks! 

Today I'm going to talk about the upcoming European finals for our test season (hereby referred to as Season 1) that has been going on this fall.

General rules of the tournament

After some discussing of possible formats we've decided to be using a double elimination format, which in basic terms means that everyone gets to loose 1 match and still have a chance to reach the finals.

Here's a quick explanation from Wikipedia:

«A double-elimination tournament is a type of elimination tournament competition in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament's championship upon having lost two games or matches. It stands in contrast to a single-elimination tournament, in which only one defeat results in elimination.

One method of arranging a double-elimination tournament is to break the competitors into two sets of brackets, the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket (W and L Brackets for short; also sometimes Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket, respectively) after the first round. The first round winners proceeding into the W Bracket and the losers proceeding into the L Bracket. The W Bracket is conducted in the same manner as a single-elimination tournament, except that the losers of each round "drop down" into the L Bracket.»

In single and double elimination brackets, you'll often find that some participants skip the first round (they receive byes). This cannot be avoided unless the number of participants is a power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ...) — a number that can be repeatedly halved until only 1 team remains.

Imagine you paired everyone in round #1 of a 6 team bracket: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4. Three teams would advance, leaving you with a bad situation.

To avoid this, byes should be awarded in round #1 to two teams. Following this rule, round #1 (sometimes referred to as the qualifying round in this scenario) would have 3v6 and 4v5. The two winners, or qualifiers, would advance to join teams 1 and 2 in the next round. The bracket at this point becomes balanced with 4 participants, a power of 2. 

Tournament format: Double elimination group stage (best out of 1)
Any software that modifies or grants an unfair advantage in the game is strictly forbidden.
Inclusion of the tournament organizer’s spectator/streamer on the server must be allowed.
Outside spectators/streamers are allowed only if the tournament judges allow it.

General rules for matches

The tournament will use the same match format as used in Season 1.

Format Weapons & Attachments
Win Limit 9 (8 round halfs)   RPGs
Max Rounds 16   LMGs
Round Time 4 Minutes   HE Grenade Launcher
Max Roster 12   C4
Overtime   Chest Carrier & Rig
Win Limit 4 (3 round halfs)   Heavy Armor
Max Rounds 6   All other weapons
and attachments
Round Time 4 Minutes      

Streaming your own match is not allowed.

Grenade rebuys are not allowed.
Intentional disconnecting during a match is strictly forbidden and will result in a disciplinary action.
The use of the developer console is allowed. The following parameters have to be set:
rate 128000, cl_cmdrate 128, cl_updaterate 128,

Map pool (Subject to change):

Map picks:
A removes one of five maps
B removes one of four maps
B removes one of three maps
A removes one of two maps

The remaining map will be played and starting sides will be determined with a pistol round. During the pistol round the teams are allowed to step on objectives, but not to capture them. Capturing an objective forces that team to forfeit the pistol round. The use of grenades (molotov, incendiary, frag, smoke and flash) is not allowed. Armor, all pistol attachments and different ammunition types are allowed.

Rematch and pause

A rematch may be called in case the server crashes. The tournament judges can order a rematch if the need arises.
The game may be paused by asking for a pause on the chat.
The game can only be paused during freeze time at the round start.
The game may be resumed only after both teams have agreed to it.
A maximum time allowed for a pause is three minutes per team.


Both of the teams are required to take screenshots of the end screen from the game, which clearly shows all the players involved and whether or not the team won or lost the game.

Conflicts, fair play and disciplinary actions

The tournament organizer reserves all rights for changes related to these documents.
In case of a conflict, the game judge will decide the outcome.
All players are required to follow the Fair Play code of conduct and show proper respect in their statements about fellow players or other competing organizations.
Insulting other players, teams, judges or other organizers is strictly forbidden and is grounds for a disciplinary action.
All cheating is forbidden.
Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:
Losing a match
Removal of a player or a team from the tournament

Three warnings will result in a removal from the tournament. Warnings can be individual or team warnings.

A decision made by a single judge can be challenged by bringing it up with the head judge.
This complaint can only be made right after the decision has been called or the game has ended, which ever occurred first.
The head judge’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

Eligibility and players

For a team to be considered eligible for competitive play, certain conditions must be met:

  • A team must have at least 5 eligible players on its roster to participate in competitive play
  • All players must have their Steam page URL linked on their team roster page. Check out this example.

Your team will not be put on the schedule if these conditions are not met.

Team lineups must be the same as the ones that the team has registered into the tournament with.
The use of any stand-in-players outside of the registered team rooster is strictly forbidden.


The team captain or manager is responsible for all communication with the admins of the tournament.

Forfeits and No-shows

If you are involved in a situation where your team is eligible and shows up to play the scheduled match and the opposing team fails to do so, then this would be considered a forfeit or a no-show. In the event of this occurrence, simply report your situation to the admins. Please try and be descriptive of your issue.

Teams on the non-fault side of the forfeit will be awarded a win (9-0). Teams at fault in a forfeit will be awarded a loss. 

A situation is declared a forfeit in the event of a team

  1. Not showing up to play on the scheduled date.
  2. For other reasons such as ineligibility and misconduct.

Demo recording

All players are required to use the demo recording feature of the Source engine. The demos will not need to be submitted after play, but may be requested at any time by DGL staff.


The DGL has a zero tolerance hacking policy. If caught hacking, you will be banned from competitive play indefinitely. This includes glitch abuse as well.

I would also like to mention hot-keying and macros. This is illegal. Any automatic keybind or macro that artificially alters the fire rate, aiming down sights at a predetermined coordinates, or other unnatural actions are illegal. This goes for mouse-wheel firing as well.

VAC Ban Policy:

The DGL has a very strict VAC ban policy. No VAC banned players will be allowed to participate in the DGL. Anyone who receives a new VAC ban to their account for any reason, on any game, will be barred from competition permanently. Any team that has used such a player during the league season will have their wins vacated and be suspended from play immediately, and will need to apply to a mutually agreed neutral arbiter for reinstatement, the following season. The player in question will be barred permanently from DGL competition until or unless the VAC ban is vacated. We understand that VAC bans 5 or 10 years ago may not represent who you currently are however we do not accept appeals. 

Final words

Every participant in the tournament is expected to have read these rules thoroughly. Each player is expected to behave according to Fair Play principles. Unsportsmanlike behavior is a punishable offense. The tournament organizer has all the authority concerning these rules and the following punishments. The tournament organizer may put the tournament on hold due to a technical malfunction or similar unexpected event. If you have any more questions feel free to post a comment in our forum!

To sign up for the tournament, the team captain should post in THIS TOPIC:
Season 1 - League Finals: SIGN UP HERE!

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  • [dR]Greedy Pirate Wednesday, 07 January 2015 05:22 posted by [dR]Greedy Pirate

    Seems pretty concise to me.

  • bro.Froosh Monday, 05 January 2015 21:19 posted by bro.Froosh

    I'll make it easier for you, misconduct can be absenteeism, tardiness, bullying, and inappropriate language towards other players.

  • Dempsey Monday, 05 January 2015 20:34 posted by Dempsey

    That's way to vague, write up some rules for misconduct please. I don't want some butthurt kid crying to an admin.


  • bro.Froosh Monday, 05 January 2015 18:06 posted by bro.Froosh

    There's a section where it says "Eligibility and players", read that. Misconduct is kind of self explanatory, it basically means that unwanted behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Dempsey Saturday, 03 January 2015 16:42 posted by Dempsey

    "For other reasons such as ineligibility and misconduct."

    Can you be more specific, or is there a link I need to go to.

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