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Monday, 29 December 2014 00:00

[NA] Insurgency Season 1 Finals

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Get all the juicy details for the [NA] Insurgency Season 1 Finals here! Be ready for January 10th!!!


Hello my loyal children/slaves! We kicked off our fledgling league with one hell of a season! I'd like to thank all of you for your participation and commitment! Here's to many more! *Epic Toast of Jeweled Chalices* Now, with our season over, it's time for the final tournament!

First, let's iron out the format of things:



When: Clear your calendars for the weekend of January 10th and 11th! Saturday, January 10th at 3PM EST, the OPEN division will begin their tournament, playing both Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds. Sunday, January 11th at 3PM EST, the MAIN division will begin their tournament, playing both Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds. The finals will take place the following week on Monday, January 19th. If any of this information changes, we will inform.


I'll have to be frank, this is NOT the time to have trouble getting 5. Prepare and inform your team  and be ready to go. If you forsee any problems and your team is participating, please let us know.


Divisions: There are two skill brackets for this tournament, the Main, and the Open. We have roughly 16 active and eligible teams for the NA scene. The Main division consisted of the top 8 teams for the season. The Open, the remaining 8 teams. These brackets will be separate from one another. 


Rules: The rules for this tournament will be the same as the DGL rules enforced this season. The AK74 with the foregrip and the M1911 pistol will be allowed. There will be a NEW way of selecting starting sides! *Drumroll* A pistol round!!! The lower seed out of the two competing teams will select the starting side for the pistol round. Obviously, everyone has to use a pistol on this round. All other attachment and armor restrictions still apply. Woo, just thinking about this just gets me all hot and bothered! <3


Format: The quarterfinals and semifinals (first and second round of the tournament) will be a best of 1. One game played, whoever wins advances. The maps for these two rounds will be pre-selected(see maps below) The finals will consist of a best 2 out of 3. The maps will be chosen by either team via a map ban from a map pool. Each team will ban a map until two maps are left. If a third round is needed, another map ban will take place (with the played maps excluded).


Now for the fun announcements...



Quarterfinals: Ministry

Semifinals: District

These maps are both largely accepted by the community as two of the best maps for competitive. 

Finals: Based upon map ban, map pool TBA



To clarify, each division has 8 seeds. 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5. These seedings were selected by a "Seeding Committee." This committee consisted of DGL Insurgency Admins and input from other experts of sorts. These seedings were not selected based off exactly what the ranks show, though the ranks were a big factor. This is simply because with the way Season 1 was set up, we had a bunch of teams in one division, with only 6 games to play. This led to each team not even coming close to playing everyone else, leading to the ranks to skew a bit. Also, the scheduling procedure tried to combat this inequality by scheduling teams with their skill (exhibit A: Memento Mori). This led to some teams being ranked higher than more skilled teams due to opponents. We hope to have this solved in Season 2 with a skill division system. With that being said, the factors for seedings included rankings, record, differential, strength of schedule, performance, forfeit wins/losses, team/roster changes made during the season that affected overall ability, knowledge of team, and overall talent. These were all discussed at length within the committee. Because I am a generous and loving admin, and I am satisfied with the sacrifices from my people unto me, I will go ahead and explain these seedings in detail.



  1. Ch1lledGamers - cG dominated this season. They remained undefeated, even when faced against solid teams like Team.OwN, Veritas, and RG. They didn't just win, they destroyed.
  2. Headhunters - HH played very well this season, ending the season undefeated. Although they beat cG in terms of differential, we decided that their schedule was weaker than cG's and had more forfeit wins than cG, giving them less opportunities to play and show their strength.
  3. +Casualty - Casualty struggled at the beginning, but later showed the DGL that they could play to their true potential. Putting 7 rounds on the powerhouse HH and running over FgC (*cries*) showed Casualty's true ability.  
  4. Fatalis Gaming - FgC kicked off the season with a hard fought win over RG, and later won against [U]g. They also dispatched their Open division opponents. They did, however, have brutal losses to both HH and +. 
  5. Reflected Gaming - Who's RG? RG exploded into the DGL (without protection), giving FgC a run and putting 6 rounds against cG. They proved they were new but not newb. The =tL and [U]g games were close, FgC has the head to head, RG gets the 5th spot.
  6. Underestimated Gamers - I am assuming this one will cause some disagreement. [U]g fought like hell this season and easily had the hardest schedule. All of their played games were against Main division opponents, and never got whipped. [U]g is good, Forcing Casualty AND RG into OT is no easy feat.
  7. Veritas - V (formerly 5k) was the most feared team coming into this season. Unfortunately, some roster issues caused them to struggle. Veritas also has some tough opponents in cG and old Team.Own. They are a hardened, experienced team and are sure to surprise come January!
  8. Delayed Reaction - Dere went up and down this season, losing to [U]g but forcing veteran S3 to a tie. They beat the new Team.Own and RS, showing that they weren't kidding. The loss to CIA was tough. It went down to a skill and schedule strength contest between Dere and V. 

Bracket can be found here


  1. Team.OwN - The Team.Own coming into this tournament is not the Team.Own we saw dominate earlier this season. They had a rough time with their roster. But some of their remaining players contributed to their early success. Their loss to Dere and win against S3 keeps them on top of the Open division.
  2. Shit Stained Society |S3 - S3 is a veteran team, going back to the beginning of the Insurgency Competitive scene. Unfortunately, roster issues caused them to struggle and they couldn't quite play to their potential this season. The annoying presence of forfeits from them and their opponents made it a tough decision. Their close game against the new Team.Own warrants the number 2 spot. 
  3. =Tagless - =tL had a rough first game but quickly recovered, running through CIA and putting RG into arguably the closest OT we saw this season. They had a rough loss against FgC and have had some hard losses in their roster. 
  4. CIA Gaming - CIA began Season 1 with a predictable performance. This changed after a hard fought win over MM. They unfortunately had some forfeits from their opponents. They shocked the league with an upset win over Dere! CIA pulls themselves from the lower rungs and claims the 4 seed. 
  5. Memento Mori - MM joined the season late, missing the first two weeks of play. Their loss to CIA was a set back, but they bounced back, beating RS and TooL. MM has shown some skill and is ranked high, but their schedule just isn't near as strong as their peers. CIA has the head to head. 
  6. Ranger Squad - RS had an uphill battle this season, but proved to be fighters. They put 7 rounds into a very good Casualty team and played decently against RG considering. Let's also point out that they pushed MM into OT. RS is tougher than they look, but hasn't been able to come out on top with a victory yet. 
  7. TooL - TooL had some tough opponents, and had trouble scoring rounds against most of their opponents. Unfortunately, they were plagued with forfeit losses, which didn't allow them to perform as much.
  8. To be announced

Bracket can be found here


Many of these will be streamed AND shoutcasted! Enjoy :)


Please let me know if you have any questions! Either forums, comments, or whatever! Again, thank you ALL for a wonderful season! This is only the beginning!!!


*NOTE* We will for SURE be implementing Outlawled's sourcemod plugin. He has worked very hard on it and has created something truly amazing. 

-Master Torix




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  • Torix Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:54 posted by Torix

    Generally in a tournament whoever wins the first round advances. I apologize that we are doing the quarterfinals and semifinals in one weekend, but with time restrictions, and the needed preparation for what will be a much more tight and ready Season 2, it is better this way. The finals will at least be a best 2 out of 3. This is our maiden season, and we can discuss other tournament formats next season. I don't think this will be that big of a change for people. It is not for "my fun." I don't take pleasure in any anguish this caused for anyone...

  • Mr. Spliffington Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:26 posted by Mr. Spliffington

    I do believe that you are wrong for making it a whoever wins the first round advances. You may be restricted on time, but others who have actually played are used to the format we've been playing. Changing it up for your fun doesn't necessarily sit well with others. The least is adjusting the amount of rounds. At least start with 3 and go to 5 and then maybe 7 for the finals. This isn't soccer.

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