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[EU] Season 1 - Finals TODAY!

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Soldiers and allah akbarians! Today is the day, European league finals tournament happening at 3 PM GMT.

All rules and regulations are found here. It's also worth mentioning that the DGL theater is required on the servers. Download the theater from THIS link, and the CFG to be used HERE.

Pistol Rounds

Pistol rounds will determine who gets to choose what side to start on, with the lower seed choosing what side to start for the pistol round itself. NO grenades of any kind will be allowed during the pistol round. Only pistols and other legal attachments and gear are allowed. Check the rules for more information.

SMGs and Snipers

Remember the 2 SMG, 1 sniper rule. A team may only have 2 SMGs and 1 sniper in use at a time.  These are classified by how the game classifies them.

SMGs: AKS-74u, MP40, UMP, MP5k (2 of these at a time)

Snipers: Mosin and M40A1 (1 of these at a time)

Good luck to everyone!

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