Moves like jägermeister.
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The map schedule is as follows:

  • August 23rd - August 29th - DISTRICT
  • August 30th - Setpember 5th - STATION
  • September 6th - September 12th - HEIGHTS
  • September 13th - September 19th - MINISTRY
  • September 20th - September 26th - MARKET

Click Calendar in the top right of the Standing page to see who you're playing against each week, and start contacting your opponents. Teams who do not have players listed or are not contactable by the end of the week will forfeit that week. Repeated forfeits will see teams removed from the season.

Rules are found here for the season.


The best way to learn the theater and competitive play as well as meet comp players is to play PUGs (Pick-Up Games). There are two main Steam groups where pugs are organised almost every night of the week - DGL INS Pick Up Games, which is mainly NA-focused and runs pugs on the official DGL Teamspeak @ ins-ts.thedgl.org, and Insurgency Gathers which is mainly EU-based and runs pugs on the Bromance & Synergy teamspeak @ bromance.on.vg

Create a team here, or by hovering over the Games tab above and clicking Create a Team. Sign your team up for the new season anytime by going here and clicking Register at the top right.


Signups are open until August 7th (subject to change) so start recruiting, training and spreading the word! If you need help with anything, have any concerns, or want to help out with the administration of EU DGL add me on Steam (or another DGL admin)