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Season 3 is within reaching distance!

Firstly, thank you all for your patience. It was a hard decision to postpone (EU)Season 3 until now, but it had to be done with the lack of teams! Thankfully we are now back in the high teens and ready to go!

The start date will be..
1st JUNE 2015

This is a call to all currently signed up; please ensure your rosters are up to date on the main page with your full line up, each player having a direct link to their steam profile. Also to any other teams that wish to sign up, please do so before Friday 29th May 2015! If anyone requires any assistance then please post in the forums or alternatively, message me or another admin directly via steam or any other form of communication you may have with us.

Please visit this link to view the teams that have signed up & if you have not yet registered: look to the top right of the page where it states "Register" to do so! (The divisions will be formed shortly).

More details will follow in the forums (within the EU Insurgency section). So please, be active & attentive!

Please go to THIS POST to vote on the map pool. Read the opening post very carefully!

I'm really looking forward to this season and I hope you are too!

Good luck & have fun!

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Europeans, have you always wanted to try out competitive Insurgency? Now is your chance!

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Season 1 in Europe is now officially over, thanks to everyone participating in the stream on twitch and congratulations to the winners of our giveaways.

Now for the results from the European Seasons 1 Finals


Congratulations to Enervate gaming, and a big thanks to every team for participating. Season 2 will start sometime early February, so get your teammates together and sign up!

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Soldiers and allah akbarians! Today is the day, European league finals tournament happening at 3 PM GMT.

All rules and regulations are found here. It's also worth mentioning that the DGL theater is required on the servers. Download the theater from THIS link, and the CFG to be used HERE.

Pistol Rounds

Pistol rounds will determine who gets to choose what side to start on, with the lower seed choosing what side to start for the pistol round itself. NO grenades of any kind will be allowed during the pistol round. Only pistols and other legal attachments and gear are allowed. Check the rules for more information.

SMGs and Snipers

Remember the 2 SMG, 1 sniper rule. A team may only have 2 SMGs and 1 sniper in use at a time.  These are classified by how the game classifies them.

SMGs: AKS-74u, MP40, UMP, MP5k (2 of these at a time)

Snipers: Mosin and M40A1 (1 of these at a time)

Good luck to everyone!

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Get all the juicy details for the [NA] Insurgency Season 1 Finals here! Be ready for January 10th!!!

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