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#Rekt Experimental Tournament Opened! Featured

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We will be hosting an EXPERIMENTAL 2v2 tournament for #Rekt on Jan 24th at 2pm EST. Registration is currently open so please sign up now! The first place team's players will each win a copy of a PC Preorder of Evolve!

Further rules will be updated here on this article so stay tuned! 

#rekt is an up and coming arena shooter produced by Hella Legit Games, featured in tourneys at Quakecon and other events. This is an online tournament using its latest build in the 2v2 Team Deathmatch mode. The players on the first place team in the tournament will each receive a steam preorder of the PC version of Evolve! (prizes for 2nd and 3rd place tbd) This event will also be live streamed and casted.

Sign ups are currently open for the tournament! Please follow this guide (CLICK ME) to set up a team! Make sure you add your steam URL's to your team's information so you can be contacted to set up a match!

Please use the forums to look for a team. Anyone who finds a team please remove your thread/edit it so that I will know who HAS NOT found a team. Come match day anyone who does not have a team will be considered as a free agent and eligible to play on another team who has not found enough.

The deadline for registering for the tournament is Friday, January 23nd at 11:59 PM EST

How To Install

How To Join a Server

Open up the console (tilde or F12) and type "open (address goes here)" no quotes or parentheses. Oorah Gaming will be providing servers for the event. We will make the list of addresses available to teams beforehand. is also open to anyone who wishes to use it. (thread listing available servers)


Double elimination brackets, 2 player teams. Each match consists of one 10 minute round, top score advances (ties are replayed).


The DGL has a zero tolerance hacking policy. If caught hacking, you will be banned from competitive play indefinitely. This includes glitch abuse as well.

I would also like to mention hot-keying and macros. This is illegal. Any automatic keybind or macro that artificially alters the fire rate (such as a fire macro that turns the Realm Smasher into an automatic rifle) or other unnatural actions are illegal.

VAC Ban Policy:

The DGL has a very strict VAC ban policy. No VAC Banned players will be allowed to compete in DGL events. No appeals for VAC Bans will be accepted. We apologize but this is one of the few measures we have to fend off cheaters. We also understand that a 5 or 10 year old VAC Ban may not represent who you currently are but we still do not accept appeals.


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  • NoDoze Thursday, 08 January 2015 03:16 posted by NoDoze

    Fun gaming with friends and sweet weapons! The future releases of this game are looking awesome guys! Of course, the servers for this event are hosted by Oorah Gaming!

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