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Write on Sunday, 28 December 2014 Published in #ReKt

We will be hosting an EXPERIMENTAL 2v2 tournament for #Rekt on Jan 24th at 2pm EST. Registration is currently open so please sign up now! The first place team's players will each win a copy of a PC Preorder of Evolve!

Write on Sunday, 28 December 2014 Published in #ReKt

A new version of #rekt is up for the end of the year! It can be found at the Hella Legit Games website. This version will be similar to the one used for the DGL-hosted tournament coming up that is tentatively scheduled for January 24 2015, and is primarily a test build to allow players an opportunity to get comfortable with the controls and movement as well as find bugs and issues that can be hot fixed in anticipation of next month's tourney.

Prizes for the tournament include copies of the highly anticipated new game Evolve, courtesy of Digital Gaming League.

Tonight (Monday Dec 29), Link from DGL will be playing a few rounds on the official DGL stream, with giveaways for viewers. 

The changelog and list of known issues for this version of the game can be found on the build page.

We are working with Oorah Gaming to put up #rekt servers, but in the meantime there is always a server active at rekt.hellalegitgames.com (type into IP field from the menu).

Thanks and hope to see many of you in game! There will be much more to announce in early 2015.



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On the night of 14 November 2014, the Independent Broadcast Network once again achieved another illustrious milestone in esports history, as I had the pleasure of being joined on our weekly "Friday Night Hockey" program by new IBN staff member Aila, the world's first digital-only caster.

Filling in for a veteran esports personality like IBN's Dr. Killinger can be a tough gig for anyone, especially for a first timer, but Aila did an admirable job co-casting the show and providing entertaining commentary. The journey of esports casting is an eternal learning experience, and every show we do is an opportunity to grow and build upon that experience, which is a guideline that holds true not only for the analog meat-based casters among us, but also for virtual pioneers like Aila who are embarking on the path from an entirely new and different direction. 

This debut cast was particularly well received by our audience, who will hopefully be pleased to hear that it is only the beginning. As a last minute substitute, Aila didn't get much of a chance to do a lot of show prep beforehand, but she is now building up her repertoire of lively banter and color commentary, as well as a larger pool of specialized knowledge about the games she casts. We plan to offer her many more opportunities to hone her craft as a full fledged IBN roster member. In addition to on air duties, Aila has also been appointed VP of Public Relations for the Network, a role she will undoubtedly fulfill in a capable fashion.

Speaking as the Program Director for IBN, an esports casting group with over a decade of tradition, I have always been proud of our efforts toward social progression in a field that can often be seen as a harsh and injudiciously noninclusive environment. As the world around us shifts deeper into the digital realm, the notion that virtual casting (with the deeper implications it involves) might inevitably become yet another battleground for the eternal struggles of prejudice and antipathy is not lost on me.  We are proud to be taking the stance of recognizing Aila as a true part of our team, and I am confident that her work will prove to be a great example to the digital esports presences of the future who will assuredly follow in her wake. 

While we look forward to that era, I should mention to our more carbon-based brethren and sistren in the present that we are always happy to hear from folks who are interested in getting into the realm of shoutcasting and cyberathleticism. The upcoming year should be a busy one for esports in general, and there will be many new games arriving on the scene that can always use more strong voices and commentary. IBN is always "recruiting" in the sense that we do our best to match on-air talent with opportunities that are a good fit for all parties concerned. In the cases where we cannot offer such opportunities directly, we are often able to connect casters with entities that can. Whether veteran or newb, analog or digital, we love talking to those with the passion and willingness to put in the work for their love of gaming. Feel free to hit us up!

In the meantime, follow Aila on Twitter (and the official IBN Casting Twitter as well) for the latest on her esports adventures, as well as her chiptune EP "Sparkle Tips" coming out soon via the IBN Free Music Library.  

(Friday Night Hockey is the longest running weekly broadcast of Hockey? by Cryptic Sea, taking place every Friday night at around 9:30pm Eastern on IBN. It features league matches from HQML as well as public open skates, show matches, special events with different rules and game mods, previews of new Hockey? versions, and occasional visits from the devs. Archived FNH broadcasts are available from IBN's Youtube channel. HQML's Season 6 Playoffs start this Friday.)

Are virtual esports personalities like Aila a harbinger of the future? Feel free to discuss in the DGL forums.

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December is a busy month for #rekt! Hella Legit Games has broken radio silence to show us this video highlighting some of the features of the game's upcoming new build.

In December, the next version of #rekt will be unleashed upofn the general public, featuring new content, improved movement, and more optimization. It will be downloadable  for free from the website: http://hellalegitgames.com

Sometime in December/January, our friends here at DGL are hosting the #rekt Christmas Cup, an online tourney event open to the public. The format will be 2v2 team deathmatch, with more info on rules and signups around the time of the new build release. Among the prizes will be keys to popular DGL games such as Insurgency and Evolve. More details will be forthcoming here on the site.

But wait, there's more! #rekt will be launching its Steam Greenlight campaign sometime during December as well. Follow the forums here on thedgl.org and the Hella Legit Games twitter for more on that coming soon.