Write on Sunday, 28 December 2014 Published in #ReKt

A new version of #rekt is up for the end of the year! It can be found at the Hella Legit Games website. This version will be similar to the one used for the DGL-hosted tournament coming up that is tentatively scheduled for January 24 2015, and is primarily a test build to allow players an opportunity to get comfortable with the controls and movement as well as find bugs and issues that can be hot fixed in anticipation of next month's tourney.

Prizes for the tournament include copies of the highly anticipated new game Evolve, courtesy of Digital Gaming League.

Tonight (Monday Dec 29), Link from DGL will be playing a few rounds on the official DGL stream, with giveaways for viewers. 

The changelog and list of known issues for this version of the game can be found on the build page.

We are working with Oorah Gaming to put up #rekt servers, but in the meantime there is always a server active at rekt.hellalegitgames.com (type into IP field from the menu).

Thanks and hope to see many of you in game! There will be much more to announce in early 2015.



Write on Saturday, 15 November 2014 Published in #ReKt

December is a busy month for #rekt! Hella Legit Games has broken radio silence to show us this video highlighting some of the features of the game's upcoming new build.

In December, the next version of #rekt will be unleashed upofn the general public, featuring new content, improved movement, and more optimization. It will be downloadable  for free from the website: http://hellalegitgames.com

Sometime in December/January, our friends here at DGL are hosting the #rekt Christmas Cup, an online tourney event open to the public. The format will be 2v2 team deathmatch, with more info on rules and signups around the time of the new build release. Among the prizes will be keys to popular DGL games such as Insurgency and Evolve. More details will be forthcoming here on the site.

But wait, there's more! #rekt will be launching its Steam Greenlight campaign sometime during December as well. Follow the forums here on thedgl.org and the Hella Legit Games twitter for more on that coming soon.